NumLocal is a “social initiative” and a heartfelt attempt to provide a platform for local artisans, local talents and people who love to create anything homemade or handmade to connect directly with the buyer and seller.

We aim to help in displaying your product(s) and creating a business for you from your own home.
We also provide an area based search for products available locally and across different cities and countries.

It is our endeavour to save the dying traditional art forms and to encourage the part time artists and help them turn full-time because at “NumLocal”, promoting and encouraging art is our mission!

Process Flow

  • Register

  • Create Profile

  • Upload Product Details

  • Start selling

Frequently Asked Questions

NumLocal is a platform for selling/buying handmade/homemade products.
Please go to “JOIN NOW” on the homepage and register. Once the registration form is successfully submitted an email will be sent to the registered email. Open the email and click the link provided to activate your account.
After successful registration and email verification, the seller contact details can be viewed on There are 2 modes of communication available on NumLocal. Buyer can contact seller by clicking on “Email Now” option on product detail page or clicking “Call Now” to view and call the number shared by the seller. The payment details will be provided by the seller once contacted. Payment happens offline.
This is independent of NumLocal and is at the sole discretion of the buyer and seller.
This is independent of NumLocal and is at the sole discretion of the buyer and seller.
Numlocal is not responsible for the damage, late delivery, cancellation, non-payment and returns of the ordered product(s). The buyer and seller are solely responsible.